Edelman: Digital Trends Report 2017

2Jun - door Trendvizier - 0 - Over marketing nu en nabije toekomst technologie

While disruptions caused by technology and innovation are not new, the growing focus with using the latest tools rather than growing the bottom-line seems to be. With no shortage of new solutions that promise to be the one answer, marketers should be careful not to focus too much on the tools they use, but rather what they can achieve using those tools. In the end, what matters most is one thing: business impact.

Our 2017 report focuses on what we see as the growing considerations that will impact brands. Based on changes we observed in 2016, we’ll explore areas such as paid, search, influencers, conversational technologies, B2B and others. These topics all point to the fact that we are still just at the beginning of an era where the customer is at the center. In keeping with our own advice to focus on business impact, we include more than just observations: we also present recommendations to leverage these advances to achieve results.